If you remember, few years back, a movie “Jab we met” came. No, the article is not about the movie, but a single dialogue by “Karina Kapoor” made me to highlight the movie. You might be started thinking about the dialogue. It is: “Mai khud ki favorite hu”. She inspired each and every girl.

Dear girls, you are special! Just, be your own favourite. Walk like there is a spring beneath your feet, Behave like there is nobody judging you, does not dress up the way people want, instead, dress up the way you want. Every girl is unique; she must not be compared with the other one. A girl is not a “tension” rather, she is equal to “ten sons”.

A father asked his daughter: “who would you love more, ‘me’ or your ‘husband’?” The best reply given by the daughter: “I really don’t know, but when I see you, I forget him; but when I see him, I will remember you.” A girl can always be called as “Beta” but a boy can never be called as “Beti”. That is why girls are special.

‘She’ is ’happiness’, ‘she’ is an ‘angel’, and ‘she’ is like a ‘parrot’ in the House. When she speaks, speaks without a break and everyone says “will you please quite for some time?” When she is silent, mother says, “Are you fine my child?” Father says, “Why there is so much silence?” Brother says, “Are you angry with me?” And when she is married, all says “it’s like all the happiness has gone from the house”. Yes, you know why? She is a real ‘non-stop music’.

Girls have the most unique character like “salt “. Her presence is never remembered but her absence makes all the things ‘tasteless’. She is always a “momma’s girl” and “papa’s world”.

A Girl doesn’t need big things in life, She is happy with the small popcorn at the movie. So value the Girls in Your Life, be it your Mother, Sister, Grandmother, Girlfriend, Wife or a Best Friend. She has given her soul for your joy!

If you are a girl reading this, feel proud to be one; And If you are a Boy, Respect Girls and make them feel Proud!!

This beautiful thing is contribruted by Miss “Jyoti Ahirwar”

Hope you enjoyed the post do share with girls special to you and are special in your life





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