Read this small conversation between a Father and his son. It will show, This World is very Beautiful – Just see it with a child’s Eye!

Kid-Father Conv. Enlightenbrais


What will be your response if you were in place of of the Father


This is a story of a small child Rohan, who went to a restaurant with his mother to do breakfast there. There he saw, a beggar was sitting outside the restaurant, who was asking everyone for food. He asked his mother to order something for that beggar, her mother said OK.

The 5 year old boy brought the beggar inside the restaurant, by holding his hands. He gave him the menu card to order something, everyone started seeing the boy. The beggar then ordered the most cheap burger for him, and child himself brought it for the beggar.

When he started to eat, then the child spoke the most influential words many of heard till yet, which brought tears in the eyes of everyone. Those words were “We should pray to god, we should than him for the food which he gave us today, which then will provide us food next time.”

Then everyone started doing pray, and a man sitting there told “There is god which you can easily find inside every child”
“If you see this world from a child’s eyes you will find it more colorful, its smell would be different and you will get a different experience.”

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