Hello guys, today I will take you to success, yes you read that right, and I’m taking you to success! Let’s start with a story:-

 Their father was a share broker who had suffered a heavy loss in 1980; this made his son Rohan to leave his home city Mumbai and went to Bangalore to earn his livelihood. He there borrowed a hand cart and started a small business of lime soda. He did so because he was from a good family due to which he never learnt to earn money by wrong ways. Slowly he was earning bit of money, then he also started selling cold drinks in his hand cart. Then he called upon his wife Swati who helped him in his business. Then they took a loan, and increased their trade, they now were selling pav bhaji, wada pav, dosa together with lime soda and cold drinks. When they started earning a good amount of money, they hired a worker and sold their hand cart and now they were selling from their house. Business started flourishing and they become happy.  In this way he again became a rich person. Now he is a good chef and has his own catering service, and his per plate cost is 1500-2000 Rupees.

So, what did you get? Here is success I have talked before; look you have got a rule for success

You could not succeed in your life, up to the time; you are not working hard for it.




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