This time we are going to focus to Advertisements! Yes, you read it right Advertisements! Today we’re in a world of changes that has many forces governing the market, and the policies are more open and to stay competitive in market Brands are using many marketing through banners, TV Commercials, and even through social media. Today We brought 4 of the best commercial that can touch customer’s hear <3

Do watch all ads, you will love them..

4. Ebay’s #ThingsDon’tJudge

This was a very awesome by ebay which truly shows reality of peoples vs things. Great thinking and use of mind.

3. Samsung’s Beh Chala (Watch till the end)

Watch till the end. This one has the potential make you emotional, I have seen my family in tears at the ending of this ad. Great work Samsung!

2. Mirinda’s #ReleaseThePressure

This one is to the point via its name #ReleaseThePressure. This one needs to share till every parent of our country.

1. TATA’s Alarm Bajne se Pehle Jaago Re!

This one is a bit straight forward video, showing societies real face hiding behind fake mask of protesting.

Hope you guys understood the ads and do share if you like them. 🙂

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