Very beautiful lines written by OSHO. There lies a very deep meaning in this line.
Most of us say that life of the present generation is very busy. Is this true? Ask to yourself.
Many of us today are having so much free time, just many of us waste it simply in thinking silly things about others like, why he said me this, why she behaved with me like that, why she didn’t talk with me today, why he was silent today and many more. we waste most of our time in social networking sites too, but still, we say the life of the present generation is busier.

As per the research, a normal person on an average spend its 1 hour simply in overthinking, and in simply thinking what others think about us, and we say we are busy. Aren’t we foolish? At first, others waste their time in thinking about us and then again we waste our time in thinking that what they are thinking about us.

जमाना क्या सोचेगा, अगर यह भी मैं सोचूगा !

तो जमाना क्या सोचेगा ?

Oh sorry, I got distracted from the topic, but it was necessary. Worry is a total waste of time. It doesn’t change anything but…, Surely keeps us very very busy doing nothing. Thinking about problems and worries doesn’t help in reducing our problems, but it wastes our 1 precious important day. Precious day because we are very busy persons.
Thinking about friends is not bad, but overthinking is bad again. Don’t think about what others think about you, just keep minding your own work, because you are busy, let them do their work and let them think what they want. Similarly don’t waste your time in thinking why he did so and why she behaved so. If you want to know this, just simply ask them, you will get your answer as well you can save your time. Merely thinking about why he and she did so will always give you the wrong answers.

So, if you have any query, ask questions, don’t overthink, you may get confused and will waste your precious, valuable and important time. So don’t waste your time because we are very busy.

Hope you like this article to make sure you share the wisdom with your friends. BE HAPPY


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