Virat Kohli- A Perfect Example of Consistency

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.     – Dwayne Johnson

By this quote, you might have got an idea about the topic of the article, hope you guessed it right. It is consistency.

If you are a true cricket fan, you might have got an image of a player in your mind by reading the word consistency. VIRAT KOHLI.

So this article is about consistency and the man who truly defines it.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli Quotes

Virat makes Virat Kohli so consistent.

It is his hardworking levels which makes him so consistent.

It is his never quit nature which makes him so consistent.

It is his winning attitude which makes him so consistent.

It is his fitness level which makes him so consistent.

It is his aggression which makes him so consistent.

It is his ability to read the match conditions which makes him so consistent.

In cricket, we always talk about the forms of different players, that his form isn’t good, or today isn’t his day, but Virat is an exception to all this. He doesn’t need that form and that one day, instead, he thinks every day is his own, he is the master of every innings.

Whenever India is in trouble, he is the man whom we can trust blindly. His batting and good scores in every match made him consistent.

Once Virat made 167 against England in one Test match. But after getting out, Virat went straight to the gym. When he was asked why he was thereafter such a long inning, Virat said only if he pushes himself when he is tired will he be able to make bigger scores.

Here is a must-read inspirational story of Virat’s Teenage.

In every ups and downs, Virat has not let his cricket suffer. Virat was only 18 years old when his father died at the age of 54. Virat was playing his match against Karnataka for Ranji Trophy. He was batting on 40, he went his home, cried a lot, did all activities for his father’s funeral and returned next day to the ground.

All his teammates were shocked, he called his coach and said –I wanted to play because for me not completing a cricket game is a sin.” Virat returned and scored 90 to save his team from a follow-on.

This is his love towards his game, towards our nation, that made him loved by all his fans around the world. There is another story on consistency, read it here.

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