Arts and Crafts is something that connects us with our childish nature, at least for me this happens always. With this post, Enlightenbrains brings two hand lettering artists you must follow right now!

Ankita Seth

Aditi Rajput

What is Hand Lettering?

Many people compare hand lettering to calligraphy. However, there are important distinctions between the two. Calligraphy is a form of handwriting where letters are formed in a deliberate and rhythmic fashion using a nib pen. Hand lettering is a form of drawing to create decorative letters.


The art of hand lettering allows for more freedom in the interpretation of letters and fonts, and you can use just about any kind of pen to create the the text, including brush pens, markers, and even ballpoint pens.

Stories of Hand Lettering Artists

Aditi Rajput

My head was always full of drawing since childhood. I used to make my projects as appealing as beautiful as possible. I guess it still in habits. I started this page a year ago. My mates asked me to go with this Idea. They didn’t just ask me, they were there sitting beside me when I created it.


More artworks and hand letterings here : @the_enthrall_art

I have never taken any exclusive classes, for me learning was YouTube and google and It’s a long way. I brush my ways in different art forms. Currently, my hands and pens are in three types of Calligraphy. Whenever I need my own personal space, I write.

Whenever I can’t concentrate I start making a mandala. It’s like a therapy, for me and the persons who are watching my art, it includes everything.

Ankita Seth: An IT professional

Art comes to me naturally. I don’t have to force it. I have been doing water colouring, hand-lettering, Calligraphy, crafts, DIY projects and what not since I was a kid. Both of my brothers, even my friends, would often ask me to write their topic assignments in a fancy manner.

I’d assist Papa in changing the furniture layout in our home, every once or twice a month. Thus in a way satisfying our inner Interior designers. My mother would highly dislike this Sunday activity LOL.


More artworks and hand letterings here : @seth_ankita

I’d help Momma and do active participation whenever she was doing something creative be it trying new dishes, embroidery, DIY projects, etc. She once made this plant holder using an orange fused bulb, tiny money plant and a jute rope. She hung it in the corner and I was blown away to see how pretty it looked.

I really enjoyed making Charts for the classroom’s beautification competitions held yearly in my school. That’s where I could pour all my creativity in, all at once, on a bigger canvas and a bigger scale.

I even started my youtube channel which I did stop eventually as I was not getting the response I expected. But that time, I was a kid. I was more about mass appreciation than self-content. But I have grown up emotionally now. Now if I do art, I do it for myself and not others.

Working in IT gets really monotonous at times and I hate monotony. Art gives me that escape. There were times when I even decided to leave my job, settle down, be at home and do something of my own in the field of art.

So I picked up my art again, to get the hang of it. But then I came across an article which made me realise that I need a 9 to 5 job to pay my bills. I need something to be exhausted in, only to come back to my art and feel that escape. Then I decided not to make my ART my job.

But I am planning to start my workshops, to teach people what I have learnt so far.
My source of learning has been my home, TV and youtube. Though once I attended a watercolour workshop, that was merely to see how workshops are conducted. No doubt, I learnt a few things there too as knowledge is everywhere, you should know how to learn.

I would urge everyone to get their inner child out at times and enjoy the creative escapes. It will only help you to go back to your work with freshening up souls.

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Our Verdict

Hand Lettering is one of the coolest things you can watch in the form of art, and above mentioned two artists are great to be followed.

Bonus: If you wanna learn how to do hand-lettering @seth.ankita is teaching it on her Instagram handle for free now! Go and get your hands dirty in this new skill while every one of us are in lockdown quarantine.



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