I with my friends decided to go to Nainital this summer so we booked train tickets from Lucknow to Kathgodam. We were excited to go on this trip as this was the first time we were going to a hill station all alone. We packed our bags and started the trip. Nainital is considered as one of the most beautiful hill stations of India. It is situated in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, head quarter of the district, the summer capital of the Governor at 8580 ft. above the sea level.

The train arrived in time and we got into the compartment. We arranged our entire luggage and occupied our seats. The TTE came and sat beside us. We introduced ourselves. He was very pleased to see us on tour to Nainital. He said he hailed from Bihar but settled there. He gave us some important tips while visiting Nainital. He advised to get down at Haldwani instead of Kathgodam as it would be cheaper. Early in the morning we got down at Haldwani Station and from there we came to Nainital by booking a cab. We stayed in a hotel just up the main road. The rent was a little bit higher. We thought of changing after one day stay. We were staying there for only five days. One of my friends talked to the manager and he gave us discount on the room charge. He asked the manager to guide us and arrange taxies on reasonable fare wherever we wanted to go. It was a great relief for us.

It was founded and constructed in 1841 during the British regime. As such tourism is the most significant segment of the Nainital economy. During Summer Vacation parents with their families preferred to visit this place and enjoy with their children. Some foreigners liked to visit in winter seasons to enjoy snow falls.

Where and how we visited and enjoyed the worth seeing places in Nainital are depicted here under:

  1. Nainital LakeThe climate was very cool. We had warm clothes with us. After taking lunch we came out of the room and decided to enjoy boating in the Nainital Lake. It was just in front of our eyes. It is also known as Naini Lake situated in the heart of the city. We enjoyed the beautiful and scenic views of the surroundings all around the lake. The northern end is connected with that of the southern end with a bridge. As the weather was very cool and the sunrays were soothing, we spent a few hours in the boat going all around of it.
  2. Naini Devi Temple: It was situated just on the northern shore of the Nainital Lake. Next day on 30th may we were ready by 8 in the morning and went direct to do darshan and pujan of Goddess Naini. We offered Prasad with beautiful red flowers only and prayed for peace, happiness and prosperity in life.
    Nainital is believed to be one of the 64 Shaktipeeths of India where one of the body parts of Goddess Sati fell down when Lord Shiva carried her body on his shoulders. In Nanital the eyes (Naina) of Sati are believed to have fallen here in Nainital and since then the temple is known as Naini Devi Temple. Naini Devi is the deities of Mata Kali and Lord Ganesha.
  3. Sat Tal, Tin Tal and Bhil Tal: The manager of the hotel said us that it would take whole day to visit Sat Tal, Tin Tal and Bhim Tal as these were far away from their town. A car was hired for the whole day. We left early in the morning at about eight after bath and breakfast. The road was pucca but zigzag, every five and ten minutes there were turning points written so many warning slogans. We reached Sat Tal. We got down at the shore. We found a series of very beautiful lakes one after another. All around the lakes we stared at the greenery covered with the green plants and trees of different kinds and sizes in length. We touched the water of the Tal and it was as cold as ice. So, clean that we cannot describe in words. The cold wave was blowing and we were shivering .
    Some tea stalls were at the shore. Some people were selling breakfast and serving lunch. We came back at about 6 PM. Here in Nainital the Sun rises very late and sets very late. The reason is best known to everybody.
    I thanked the driver for his good drive and good behaviour. I patted his shoulder and paid him Rs.200 extra for sweets for his children.  We went out for shopping in the nearby open market.
  4. Ropeway: We noticed the ropeway going and coming up and down – ascending and descending. We felt its charming scene from a distant place. Early in the morning when bed tea was being served by the waiter, I gave them the packet of green vegetables and asked to prepare Aloo-Parotha and Aloo-Gobi, and Tomatto Chatni by 9 AM.
    We had planned to enjoy travelling by the Ropeway. We took our lunch as scheduled in time and came out of the hotel at 9.30 sharp. We reached Millital from where aerial ropeway starts. We bought tickets from the ticket counter and sat for our turn. Nainital is very popular for its nice ropeway. Ropeway is the main attraction of the tourists and pilgrims. There are only two trolleys and their carrying capacity is 11 passengers each at a time. Travel time is from 10AM to 4PM. The thrilling matter is its steep ascending and descending while going up and coming down. We enjoyed the panoramic views of the Naini Lake from the above and also a bird’s eye view of the flats/houses/buildings while descending. It took about ten minutes in going up and coming back down to the starting station.
  5. Hanuman Gadhi – Shri Sankat Mochan Hanuman Mandir: As usual we got up early in the morning and didn’t wait for tea as we asked the waiter not to serve bed tea. We were ready after bath and hired a taxi for hanuman Gadhi. We had to walk on foot also.
    As soon as we reached, we noticed a few devotees in front of Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman Mandir. This place is situated at a higher level than that of Nainital city.
    We stood in queue with Prasad and yellow flowers in hands. We did darshan and Pujan of Hanuman Ji and prayed for peace, happiness and prosperity in family. We came out of the temple and rested on the chaubtara built around a tree. We were surprised to see different sizes and types of bells hanging with the branches of a tree near the temple. The pilgrims and tourist come to this place and pray for fulfilling their desire and when it is fulfilled they tie up bells to the branches of the tree. It is a tradition and the people believe in so.
    We went up the hill. The clouds were flying from one side to another touching our bodies. We touched the clouds with our hands and experienced a unique type of thrills. The weather was cold. All of us were wearing warm clothes. The Sunrays were very soothing to our body and mind.
  6. Top Peak of Nainital: It was very steep ascend and descend route to one of the top peak of Nainital. We had never seen such a steep road with big boulders everywhere. We talked to the horseman about our journey on horse backs. They assured our safe riding on the horse backs under their supervision and guidance. We also noticed some tourists on horse backs. Our courage was multiplied to see them.
    The road was not pucca, somewhere quite muddy. The horses were stepping up very carefully with minimum speed.
    Slowly and slowly we reached the destination. First of all we came near a safe place. We looked at below the beauty of the tri-mountains in a cylindrical state. The most exciting thing we came to know that the voice or sound we made as loudly as we could do towards the valleys, it was echoing in the same manner after a few seconds. All the hills were covered with green plants and trees. We had never seen such a wonderful place anywhere in life. We stayed there for a few hours on the lap of nature and came back by horse backs. We were relieved of tension as soon as we got down from the backs of the horses. We thanked the horsemen for their careful and safe guide. I paid their wages with respect.
    We came back to hotel. We were so tired that we didn’t come out. We took tea and biscuits and lied flat on the beds for rest.

The next day we took bus to return to kathgodam as we have to board the train to come back home.

Hope you enjoyed the Travel Journey.




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