Stop banging your head, you annoying Trash Dove! Did you seen it? Yes that weird sticker which is today Internet’s Viral King. It had already filled Facebook and people are cazily using it in comments and also it looks a bit spammy.

Trash Dove was first drawn by a Florida-based illustrator in September 2016 and created a set of Facebook stickers in January 2017. The dove could also be used as emojis and netizens have been spamming people’s Facebook timelines with the head banging bird. Trash Dove is a Facebook sticker which has spread like wildfire over the internet, mainly in Asia. The cartoon is the baby of American artist Syd Weiler.

While some internet memes have been meaningful ones, others grab attention for no reason and go viral all over the world. However, the reason for it going viral is not sure. Some say that the dove represents ‘friend-zoning’ in Thai culture and is going viral around the Valentine’s Day. Trash Dove was almost non-existent until the February 10, it is only after it the emoji caught the attention of the internet users. Twitter was quick to make memes out of it and we have got a compilation for you.

The Internet has been the birthplace of various memes and trolls. It is also responsible for the and rise and downfall of people and things. Salt Bae and Pakistani Chaiwala are the discoveries of the internet which brought change in their career. After Pakistani Chaiwala, Turkish butcher Nusret Gokce is the next internet sensation

Here is the famous Trash Dove:


More about it:

Hope you like this story, it is one of the trending thing on internet but most of us don’t the real truth of Trash Dove. This post is contributed by Nikhil Vishwakarma

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