Hello guys, did you have a best friend? Ah! you guys think too much I am not that dumb to ask such a question, But think about it because I can save your future friendships! All you have to do is to just read on…

Let’s start  with a story here

The Story

Once there was a Wise man, he was not that old but a common sense which most of the peoples lacks in. His name was Rouhan, he stays calm in the situation anyone loose his temper. One day while reflecting in his lawn, a man comes in and told “Rouhan, I have got something really interesting about your friend Shiva” Rouhan without wasting a second Rouhan responded “wait! hold on! about my friend! Let me filter it according to my “Three Filter rule” if it passess one of them I will listen it!”

Then Rouhan starts with asking a question “The thing you are gonna tell me about my friend is truth i.e you have seen or listen with your own” The man stands quite for a while and then replied “No! actuall he..” Rouhan stops him and asked next question forward to him.

“Whatever you are going to tell me about my friend is good?” With this question Rouhan made his intention to filter out bad things the man is going to tell. The man has again no answer because he was going to talk something bad! Rouhan anticipated his silence and ask again a question “Did you know my friend?” This time man’s sudden response and said “”No!”

Rouhan politely said him to leave and he could not entertain such a wasteful information.


The story simply gives a “Three Filter Rule” to filter out most important and reliable information out of the pile thrown to us by other peoples.

Remember the steps:

  • Does the information is truth.
  • Does it a good one.
  • Does it is given by real and genuine knowledgable person.

Thanks for reading, hope for the best, please tell what do you feel about the story and don’t forget to share with your circle.

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