It gives more satisfaction to us when we achieve our goal, and the way we choose or work we did to achieve it was good. Our journey of preparation is more important than our Destination.

Enlightenbrains ways achive goals

This is a story of two good friends who are studying in 10th class and now are preparing for their board exams. The goal of both the friends is to get pass in the exams with good marks. But the way used by them is different. While the one is studying and preparing well, he is even learning from you-tube and with his elder brother. The other friend was finding the very different ways to cheat. Both the friends had given their papers and both when were asked, replied that they will surely get good marks. The first one said this because he studied well, while the second one said this because he was allowed to cheat by his teacher after giving him some money.

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Both the friends are happy and are waiting for their result. Hope both of them will get good marks, but the first one will be happier than other because of the way he used to achieve his target.

This will automatically help the first friend in his near future and will motivate him for further exams.

So the goal can be achieved in both the ways whether the way chosen was good or bad, But the happiness and satisfaction in both the cases will be different, so the choice is yours and is your wish too, chose te way accordingly.

Win is Win, but Art of winning is a different thing!

“I don’t care about the biggest fish here, i am a totally DIFFERENT beast”



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