23 January,1897, a great son of India was born in Cuttack, West Bengal.‘Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’, a leader of masses and true patriot in every sense. In his early days, Bose depicted his wisdom and courage in everything he participated. From studies to leadership he was a born leader. In 1920, Bose cleared the very prestigious Indian Civil Services and ranked 4th amongst six successful entrants. He didn’t join Imperial Services and started prominent participation in Indian Independence Movement. His father Jankinath Bose was a prominent and wealthy lawyer. Netaji was nominated as the President of Indian National Congress for two successive years,1938 and 1939. However, he was ousted in 1939 by influence of Gandhi and Nehru due to his reformatory ideas. Bose insisted on immediate action against British whereas Gandhi had completely different plans.

Afterwards he was kept in house arrest by British. Also, Netaji was master of disguise. He escaped with the help of his niece and sister. He journeyed to Peshawar, then Afghanistan and finally through North West Frontier to Germany. The very first Indian National Army was formed in Germany with assistance of Adolf Hitler. Bose married Emilie Schenkl in Austria and named his daughter ‘Anita’. Later when Germany attacked USSR, Hitler drew support,so Bose travelled to Japan through vast Mediterranean Sea. The famous I-29 submarine helped him to get to Japan. With the help of Japanese Netaji formed Azaad Hind Fauj in Singapore. The soldiers were prisoners from World War-I. Under his leadership and wisdom, the INA grew exponentially to 60,000 soldiers. They attacked British forces from North-East capturing Nagaland. However, the Army had to surrender in Rangoon due to heavy rainfall and blockage of Japanese supply lines. Due to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan surrendered to Allied forces and this way, Netaji lost his hope of assistance from Japan. Then, he flew to Manchuria from Tokyo amidst of which a plane crash took place resulting Bose’s death. This is evidently a cover story covering his escape to USSR. In 2015, the Modi government declassified several files related to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. The files completely scrap the story of plane crash and direct towards a complex mystery remain unsolved.

A NGO named ‘Mission Netaji’ in leadership of Mr. Anuj Dhar is working tirelessly to unsolve the mystery of Netaji’s death. Still five top secret files remain classified, even their names were not disclosed under Right to Information Act. Many prominent leaders, Gen. G.D.Bakshi, Subramanian Swamy and the complete Bose family is demanding justice to the great son of India. As of now, one thing is clear that Netaji didn’t die in the alleged plane crash. Nehru never wanted Netaji’s return because he was the leading candidate for Prime Minister of Independent India. Hence, Congress never did anything effective to solve this mystery. Netaji left his mother, family, job and what not for the sake of his motherland and these Congis have vanished his name from our history books and the real history of India. He has sacrificed and given much more than Gandhi and Nehru. In 1956 when Lord Clement Attlee (one who signed Indian Independence Act of India) visited India, the then Chief Justice of India asked him the reason for leaving India despite failure of ‘Quit India Movement’. He replied in three words, INA, Subhash Chandra Bose, who devastated British Air force, made Navy and Army retaliate and so British left. He also said that effect of Gandhi and his movements was “minimal”. INA lost 24,000 soldiers, much more than the total number of soldiers martyred in all Wars of India after independence combined. Indian struggle for Independence was not non-violent and Netaji in true sense is the ‘Father of the nation’. The youth must also assist in the movement to solve the mystery of his death and thereby pay tribute to NETAJI SHUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE. Today marks his 120th birth anniversary and we draw inspiration from this humble soul.Jai Hind!

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