Success is defined as ……………….. Na!

Hello everyone this is not a usual chit chat type post where you get knowledge, Read ahead at you own risk, only reason to read will be, Aisa kya haiCarry on! maybe your perception about success get distorted…

Lets take a simple definition completion is called success! that’s simple huh? Most of us goes through life never discovering what there talents are?, completely living 60 years is not a life!! Completing is a virtual thing in reality success is completing achieving the goals you have set…

  • For a musician making best music out of his ability to play is Success..
  • For an artist making his/her artwork speak itself is Success..
  • For an businessmen making out more returns per penny.
  • For an athlete breaking records is more important than a medal and its real success..
  • You have to decide what success look alike for you.

Now time for some negativity I am here adding negativity, just knowing the success is not enough you have to grind for it, if its enough to get a job, go get it and then regret it!! If you won’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build their’sDhirubai Ambani’s words are so true that you can apply this to any field, the growth of startups is the result of people defining and achieving their success..

There are many influential and successful people who never claim to best rather say they are just learning…you read it right they are learning. There are many examples where the best is beaten by a challenger, the reason is hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard, Just note it down it help you judge yourself and work like a benchmark for your defined success…

You are working hard, you are working smart. You have problem with anybody who has problem with yourself. You know your Attitude has compromised the altitude of your success. You know to do better but you don’t wanna do better.

Success is yours, then why others have right to define and alternate it

Roshan MOtwani

Roshan Enlightenbrains Success




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