“A nation will not survive morally or economically when few have so much, while so many has so little”

Bernie Sanders.

Article 14 of Indian Constitution deals with the Right to Equality which is a fundamental right of every citizen in India. But are we all actually treated equally even after 70 years of independence?

When the world is heading forward, India is still fighting against inequality and the curse of caste system which comes as an obstacle in the way of its growth. We live in a nation where a farmer who is responsible for the crops and livestock that are needed to survive and on whose name votes are collected during elections, suffers more in our nation than a liquor baron who gives nothing but a backlog of unpaid debts to the nation. Nationalized banks which can give thousands of crores to a liquor baron to maintain his lavish lifestyle hounds small farmers for some thousands of rupees. Is that equality?


At a time when Mallya was defaulting on loans running into thousands of crores and living life king-size, at least four farmers were ending their lives daily for defaulting on paltry sums. The Union Agriculture Ministry has submitted a detailed report to Parliament with a state-wise break-up of farmers’ suicides. The report says 58 farmers committed suicide in Andhra Pradesh last year while 342 ended their lives in the newly formed Telangana state. Karnataka, where Mallya’s business empire is mainly based, witnessed the suicide of an average of eight farmers per month in 2015.  

“Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through

— Jonathan Swift

India can’t become a truly modern nation in the 21st centuary, if it fails to abolish discriminatory practice based on caste. Caste system in India is so rigidly deep rooted in its social, cultural, and religious life that it now has almost god given approval behind it. Anything against it is considered a sin.


Many remote areas of India are so badly affected by this evil practice of caste system. Article of the constitution which deals with untouchability  has miserably failed to eradicate the  evil  from the society. It is a curse where a so called upper caste individual consider it a sin to touch or take any eatables from the so called lower caste individual. How bad does it feel when society neglects you just because you are born in a family who is labelled as lower caste and that label is never removed even when you becomes economically sound.

Law Matters

Article 15(4) and 15(5) empowers the state to make reservations in educational institutions and Article 16(4), 16(4A), 16(4B) provide appointment of posts in favor of SCs. Is this reservation policies actually helping to eradicate poverty and backwardness or in removing caste inequalities from the society? Indeed not.  According to Gandhi ji the term of Communal Award of 1932 will ensure them (untouchables) bondage in perpetuity”. He asked , “ Do you want the untouchables to remain untouchables forever. What is needed is destruction of untouchability”. Similar is the situation today . Can we remove inequality , poverty or backwardness of people by giving them Caste based reservations? Certainly not.  These reservation policy has neither eradicated poverty nor it has proved successful in removing inequalities based on casteism. Rather the nation is now divided into General category people, SC/ST/OBC category people.

By these policies the inequalities can never be removed or  reduced  because the caste tags which are given to the people will remain stick to them throughout generations. It kills you from inside when you see a student  coming from economically sound family with lower marks admitted in some educational institution but with the same marks some upper caste  student with same marks is denied admission in the same institution. Same happens in case of jobs. Talent, creativity and intelligence is overcome by this caste system. When a student goes to an educational institution to get admission he should only be asked about his previous examination marks and adhar card details and not about his Caste. Similarly while giving jobs individual’s Creativity, Intelligence, hardwork should be given importance over  his caste. In our nation where everything from admission to educational institution to getting jobs is based on casteism. People prefer going abroad for better opportunities. This is one of the reasons of brain drain.


Fighting for equality and demolition of caste system in India is even more difficult than fighting any deadly disease due to unnecessary political interference but certainly not impossible. The dream of our freedom fighters, the national heroes to see united and independent India can only be fulfilled if we the youth join and fights together to remove this evil from our country.

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Handcrafted by Himani Jain




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