Life is like a magic box, believe me, it is and the best thing is that you are the magician. You can change your life the way you want the things you want you can fill into it as you are the magician.

Everybody prays to god for their wishes, but it’s not the god who is fulfilling it, It’s your acts which are turning out things in your favour. Its just one should know how and what to ask for things.

Maybe words or thoughts I must say, Maybe this sounds a bit crazy but;

Belief, Strong belief, triggers your mind to see things that don’t exist yet.

And that’s how things around us come into exists. At some point in your life, you will realize that what your sub-conscious mind asked for will be in front of you. No matter how impossible that thing is when you asked for it, it will happen.

It has always been said ‘Dream big, you will surely achieve big’.

From my personal experience, I can say it happens.

Today I am 27 years old whenever I have asked for anything since my childhood everything is in front of me. Although it took much time, slowly and steadily each and everything is with me.

Now I think sometimes why haven’t I have asked for something much bigger (Human wants are unlimited).  The circumstance a few years ago and the present ones don’t match at all.

I mean no one will believe that I am the same girl they met a few years ago. Just for instance;

6-7 years back from now, I wished to be so confident that on my own I can lead, could drive, could teach but it was damn difficult for me as these all tasks seem impossible tasks for me.

Strong Belief Moves Mountains Enlightenbrains

I could drive and it was my dream to take mumma on a drive and it happened. there will be a lot of you who can relate to me.

To them, I just want to say, like you believe that after every sunset there will be sunrise. Just like that only have a belief that things will turn out your way.

It can happen things are taking time but everything will turn out to be good and that too in incredible ways.

So, never stop believing cause Strong Belief Moves Mountains! Spread Positivity and Smile 🙂

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This article was authored by Neelam Gangwani

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