If you are single, most probably you observe and find out that this world around you is filled with happy couplets who force your brains to think “Kaash…” You know that’s common if you are in age group of 15 to 20 years and never be in relationship prior.

“Staying single in the world full of couplets is very difficult”

Vagabond’s Insights

The person who is free without any place or settlement is called a Vagabond. The saying above is very significant and meaningful as an advice for relationships. But it doesn’t only applies to relationship ideology and status of people in society but has more impact than that.

From the eyes of businessmen/entrepreneur it has a completely different meaning, the singles are like not successful entrepreneurs who constantly thinks how happy a 9-5 are and will be in future, similarly like a single see couplets. And this look of 9-5 Job employee make tougher for them to stay as they are, similar to single sometime worry about his/her relationship status.

But those entrepreneur who stick to their idea and learn constantly without worrying at the end get rewarded.

“The longer you wait, Hotter you Date”

This thing come to my mind 😛 when I closely analyze the situation. The more we work on, more experience we get, it adds to us even more apart from monetary valuation, valuation of decision making, situation handling etc.

“Success is not something you pursue or get it is something you attract”


To explain this lets take an example, to catch a butterfly you cannot run behind it and catch it. You have to be prepared, set bait by growing colorful and beautiful flower and then what will happen? Butterfly will come to you and you will have chance to capture it. Similarly in case of success, In order to get it you must become attractive by adding value to yourself and then success will come to you.

So, I acknowledged it prior but stating again “It is hard to stay focused on what you want as distractions are many and when you see people in similar age are doing so much, having own companies, startups, Girlfriends, partners and soul mates.”

Remember what you are doing here is ‘comparing your behind the scenes to their highlight role and these two cannot be similar.’

Disclaimer: This comparison is to give you better idea how things work I am not giving anyone advice to be single in anyway.   😛 Enjoy




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