Did you have a breakup, or did you have witnessed one? If yes, and want help yourself or someone you know here is a good read. Read, Its worth!

The reason behind breakup in relations in these days simply is that the space between I & You during these days is filled by expectations, angerness, impatience, dishonesty, lies and others negativity.

I love you

What is Love? The word Love has different meanings and definitions by different persons. But in a simple sense it means, sacrifice made by us (I) for others (You) to see them happy, and by seeing them (You) happy, if we (I) get happiness in return, then that is the real feeling of Love. It is not necessary that whom we Love must be in close contact with us, sometimes living away from them for their happiness, also state the presence of Love between them. This is the most important and happiest feeling of this world, which everyone must feel. The feeling of love can be found towards anyone or may be anything, even in pets, computers, guitars and other accessories too. Few lines of Buddha to explain Love :- If you like flower, you pluck it from plant. If you Love flower, you will water it daily. So at last but not least fill the space between I ….&…. You with Love.

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  1. Really love is the best feeling in world n also great pain but love makes the pain out …. I appreciate those people who always ready to support their lover in every situation n those who have courage to accept them in front of all over the world

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