Here again, we through our platform EnlightenBrains will tell you about some wrong conclusions related to self-confidence, and from whom our prevention is must.

  1. Self-confidence doesn’t mean you are fearless: – Everyone has fear, everybody feels unsecure. Having self-confidence doesn’t mean you are fearless, but it means you should overcome your fear with your self-confidence.
  2. Talking loudly: – Having self-confidence doesn’t mean you should talk very loud, if you want others to listen to your words, you may explain them peacefully with reasons.
  3. Expensive dress up: – Wearing expensive clothes doesn’t mean you have so much self-confidence. Remember, one will forget about your dress after few time, but would not forget how you react and behave.
  4. Eye contact while you talk: – If you talk with eye contact, then it is not sure that you might have self-confidence. A self-confident person also bends his eyes if he feels guilty.
  5. Walking very fast: – If you walk very fast that always doesn’t imply that you are self-confident, it may be due to you are in hurry or tension.
  6. Showing others that you are busy: – If you show others that you are too busy and you have to do a lot of work, which also doesn’t mean you are self-confident. The one who works with free mind, perform his work better.

Sometimes the formula known as “Fake it until you make it” also does a trick so showing or pretending is good if used thoroughly, but if used with too much loudness it would have a adverse effect.

We hope you would have liked our article. Thank you for reading, and also prevent yourself from these wrong beliefs towards self-confidence.





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