The greatest gift which we can give to others, when we have no present for them is Smile.

The thing which can soften the heart of harder ones is Smile.

The thing which can make calm to the one who is very angry is Smile.

The thing which can make our haters more jealous of us is Smile.


It is very easy to cry and make others cry. But it is not so easy to have a smile on our face at every situation, and to bring smile on the face of others.

Psychologists too believe that one who smiles more lives a healthy life.

Keeping quiet, sitting in off mood and crying in difficult times, does not help in reducing and overcoming of our problems. So it’s better, to be brave and smile under these situations, yes it will too not help in solving your problems, but I promise this thing will make you strong and will provide you the power of believing in yourself

If you misunderstood something and you could smile, than it means you are wiser than others.

If you did something wrong and you could smile on yourself, then one day you will be perfectionist.

When you know you are being used by you someone and still you help them with a smile, then one day they will be surely in love with you.

When you are in problem and still you can smile, it means you have believe in yourself and faith in that almighty.

When you are depressed and still you smile, then trust me you are very positive and you became mature.

A smile can help in saving your money, but money can’t always buy you a smile.

Smile, have a nice day. 🙂