Nowadays most of us believes that ‘ fair skin good, dark skin bad.’ No matter where you are from, skin color makes a huge difference in the way you are treated. We can check any matrimonial sites or matrimonial columns, and the one thing we will find common is everyone wants a good looking, high salaried and attractive partner. No matter how they are and what their values are! A fair woman/man has more marriage offers and better chances of marrying ‘up’ as compared to someone darker. We have seen in many TV ads that fair people do better in jobs and marriage market whereas dark people often gets rejected.

English standard, Black skin

We all follow and admire Mahatma Gandhi, but he was not fair. But he’s still the father of nation and one of the best freedom fighter we’ll ever have. Dark complexion is not a badge of shame but rather a glorious symbol created by god.  We all want to be fair to get society’s approval. But we have to understand beauty is what is in the heart, outer appearances often fades with time. Heart, soul and dreams matter not the skin color. Beauty has nothing to do with looks it’s all about how you are as a person. Be confident in who you are and don’t let stereotypes bring you down.

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Rashi Hinduja





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