Today, Personality becomes a very important part of one’s life routine, everyday our personality attracts or distracts others from us. Today we are going to talk about some of the metrics and methods by which our personality develops and what must we avoid in order grow as a person we want to be.

Personality & Skills Development

What these classes actually teach, and for whom these are actually?

These classes teach us to build our personality and skills by making us to do or perform small tasks which are actually ignored by most of us during school life. Those scholars who ignored and avoid these tasks gave a way to these Personality Development Classes.

We, during our school life, many small tasks, opportunities and assignments were allotted which build up our skills and our personality. We were taught how to speak to our elders & younger ones, how to speak English, how to behave properly, how to be impressive, how to guide and lead others and in other way develop our personality. We have been given many assignments, projects and PPTs, to increase our knowledge base,and to raise us as professionals. But most of us simply taken them as waste and of no use.

Many of us have given opportunities to be representatives and take responsibilities of class or school, be a part of many associations and groups within our schools. We too get opportunities for conducting and managing assemblies, act role on annual functions or take part on speech and debate competitions, Many of again avoided and thought it was waste of time.

Who Join Personality Development classes and what they face

The  students who avoided and didn’t perform these tasks then gets admission in these classes. They join English classes, Computer Classes, Personality and skill development classes, and various other speaking classes to improve their confidence and vocal skills.

Personality Development Classes or any other charge very high( its will always be high because we can acquire these for zero cost), Many fool us by time duration for learning that much in very short duration, Imagine they will teach you things you didn’t in whole school life of 15 years.

Scientific studies have proved that our mind learn faster at young age than when we become adults, according to this fact those who join Personality Development classes are those who have wasted their golden period of learning, that’s why we learn faster and easily in school life.


We don’t oppose any of the Personality Development Institute or Classes, but we strongly oppose those who think extra-curricular activities are waste of time. Remember you have choice to either be your own guide or to be guide by others. There are many life coaches which have proved themselves, but they also confirm they teach things which can be learned by peoples themselves as they grow up, but neglect becomes the main enemy here.

If you’re a parent do check your child’s progress in Personality and  remember to teach him/her this lesson of life thoroughly. If you like this post please show your love by sharing this to your circle.







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