The world is divided into two categories that is mass and class,mass category is the category which is usually in bulk that is lower class and middle class people who work for the richer section of the society,the class. Today I will share, Rules of the Successful People

Those who belong to mass are the one who work for the people or we can say give their time to the people in whatever job they are expert at and in lieu of that they are rewarded with some sort of incentives. For example a fellow graduated from IIT securing high CGPA and being expert in programming is supposed to be an employee of Microsoft.

People who belong to ‘class’ were once beginner, had faced many problems like ‘mass’ who are struggling, as “a fellow with an idea is considered a fool until the idea becomes a reality”.The people of ‘class’ have followed  some common rules no matter whomever they are Bill Gates, Jobs, Ambanis’ , Tatas’, but I would like to share the traits they possessed in common,the golden traits are as follows :

1.Positive Attitude

Be Positive-enlightenbrains

Attitude is the very small thing which usually make big differences, and the attitude is the way you see things and take decisions, let us exemplify it by a story.
Their was a ‘Ashram’ (place where the mentors live) and a businessman was donating a cow to the Ashram therefore Guru and the students were very happy as now they will get fresh milk. But next day the businessman denied to do so and when the Guruji came to know that than he said that was a great move of the businessman as who gone clean the waste of the cow.
The successful people always have a habit of looking positive in every situation.


Belive Passion Enlightenbrains

Passion means the will to do it, hence the people who are successful personality no matter who they are and in which field they work but everyone of them were very passionate about their work ,like Steve Jobs were thrown out of their own organisation and he build a new company. So he was passionate about what he was doing.


vision - Enlightenbrains

Vision means what can you imagine through the idea you are working on and a forecasting, what you gone a produce from the the project or idea you are currently investing on. So their were two men and both the men have farm one of them was Sankalp and the other was Saket. Saket on his farm was working on wheat and Sankalp on his farm was planting Mango,Guava and Java Plum trees. Saket laughed on his as he said that there will be no earning this year and Sankalp nodded his head. But after 10 years the trees rewarded Sankalp with fruits and from that time till now and in every alternate season and Saket have to work every season but Sankalp was free for the life time.

4. Plans

plan enlightenbrains

People who belongs to the ‘class’ always have the preparation for any of their project.They always analysis regarding pros and cons and do not take any action blindly but draw plans and set goals and the strategy to achieve it.Because they is a plan to success  and if you don’t have so then failure is the ultimatum.

5. Action

Action Enlightenbrains

Action is one of the most important element and essence of success as their can only be a theoretical part but no physical existence without action. action is the most important and essential  step. Every idea needs action as “action is the foundation key for success.

6 Routine : Mr.Bill Britt a Network Marketer said consistency plus persistence equals to success. We all have some or the other destination in life but every one of us have the common way to reach it and that common way is not called work but a routine work. Any successful men in this world does not become a brand in one day but by his daily routine of not giving up

7. Majority 

Majority Enlightenbrains

If you are on a goal than surround yourself with the people who are on the same mission.We all know that the power of unity is one of the unbreakable power in the world. Majority of right people will lead you to your destination in comparatively less time then you might have took because their experience and guidance will always help you out.

8. One Day or Day One 

This is one of the best thing i can right that if you have taken a decision then now its your duty to start because god had gifted you the way for the success and if you don’t walk fast on it anybody else will.

9. Don’t Give up 

Once you started, you started a war between yourself, where your heart know why to do it but your mind will regularly confuse you by asking a question how to do.If you train your mind to live positive in negative condition then you won. Because just don’t give up when you are just a step back to your destination.

Hope you enjoyed the article and EnlightenBrains will be back soon with some more article which you are waiting for. If you want us to write something for you then please comment in the comment section and let us know about your views. Now you know the Rules of the Successful People , Now go and be Successful…




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