Are you feeling embarrassed, funny or bad? Yes, you should be! Don’t feel awkward, just read on and I assure you it will be worth at the end of the article.

Let me start with an incident I had recently experienced, I went to one of the most reputed showroom to buy a fridge with my dad. We have planned for a medium size conventional & single door fridge (we could buy any model; money is never a matric for any businessman for his family needs).

As we reached there, a sales person greeted us. We confirmed the model GL-D241APAI of LG Company. We were waiting for our number to get billed. I thought, my dad will surely try bargaining and it is what he did and get Rs.1200 back. I was stunned; I assumed if I was at his place, we will not get that much of discount yet. The shopkeeper earned huge. We were rats to the bait, of such huge discount looking thing.

Another thing that happened between deals was that he lately convinced my father to buy a new double door fridge this time played well. He told my father “are you satisfied by single door fridge?” and by saying that he just opened an urge into my father’s head to spend and showed his showcase to show his wealth and there was me clarifying our needs and anyhow shipped him and we purchased second one, we are not rats anymore to that showroom. Another saying by Sir Warren Buffet saved us. Always keep that in mind

when you start purchasing things you don’t need, there comes a time when you have to sell the things you want.

Hope you got the meaning of the title. Let me once explain it according to the example above.

First thing, this world is full of people who want you to mislead and captured as a rat and one more thing, they also are rats for something else and keep revolving around it. It’s all RATTRAP. All you need is a thinking to come out of this and start living.




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