Are you on the boundary of having diabetes, here again we through our platform EnlightenBrains will tell you how to protect ourselves from the problem of DIABETES.

  1. Control on your weight: – The problem of diabetes is most commonly find in the persons suffering from obesity, if one has a control over his weight he may avoid this problem.
  2. Check up of Vitamin D in our body: – The person who do not have adequate amount of Vitamin D in his body has more chances of suffering from diabetes.
  3. Cook your food properly: – Your food should not be too much oily and spicy. Eat salad with your food.
  4. Have a good sleep: – If you are already suffering from diabetes and you are not sleeping properly, it may further increase your problem.
  5. Good amount of physical and mental exercise: – Should go for morning walk, do regular exercise, walk fast, play small indoor games with children.

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These all things will definitely avoid and reduce the problem of diabetes. Take care of yourself, “YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH.” Thank you for reading.




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