Every test in our life makes us bitter or better, it depends only on us that how we take it.

We should take every situation positively and should keep in mind that life plays only with good and well-trained players.

Every problem in our life comes only with two intentions, either to make us or to break us, it depends only on us that how we take it.

We should always remember that everything is temporary in this heartless world, nothing is permanent, so if a problem comes in your life, it will go too, it’s not permanent. Tough situations will make you more strong and bolder.

problems either makes us bitter or better choice is our though

So, you should fight with tough situations like a strong fighter. You should never lose hope and should keep on trying.

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It’s not only you, everyone goes through problems in their life, but remember, never let the devil win the match. Be a victor, not a victim.

Just defeat every problem and be your superhero. Never let the other’s make you down and just move on so that as you look back on your life, you should realize that every time you thought you were being rejected from something good, you were being directed to something better.

Always remember, a person who gets a hard hit but then too moves on is a more powerful person than a person who can hit harder.

If life is playing with you, then let it play, show it that you are a good and well-trained player. As you will defeat with more and more problems you will become bolder and bolder and also a better player.

If God is giving you so many problems in your life then don’t think that why God gave all these problems to me only, just think that these all are blessings from God which he gave you to make you bold and strong.

So, play like a well-trained player and be an experienced player. Be bold, be strong, make good decisions and the most important, be a victor, not a victim.

This article is authored by Anmol Gangwani


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