We being people always believe that we are governed by a much greater force which we called by various name. But, actually, we are governed by our own thinking, what we are today is the outcome of our own thought not more not less.

We just need to gauge how our mind works, we put a lot of efforts on what type of cloths we need to wear but we never think what kind of thoughts we need to wear after all it is the only thing which matters.

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Sometimes we think a particular person is having god gifted mind but it’s not we need to gauge what delineates us from them.

Let me share my personal experience, in 12th standard I am unable to solve the math’s problem as I always feel it is not my cup of tea but when I prepare for my entrance exam(after 12th standard) I am able to solve all the same math’s problem easily without any problem.

Further, not only I solve the math’s problem but also ace my entrance exam in the first attempt and suddenly I became a brilliant student. Afterwards, I start questioning myself about what changes.

Actually I am the same person but I understand one thing changes i.e. my own mindset changes, in 12th standard, I take math’s as an option but in an entrance exam, I don’t have any option it does or dies situation. So, we just need to change our mindset.

If we do the same thing over and over again and expect different result it is not possible, to achieve something extraordinary, we need to do extraordinary efforts.

“Change your mindset to change your life”

This article is authored by Sakshi Ahalwat

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