Hello Artists, The time has come for which every one of you was waiting for! We are here with the results of our Poster Making Competition! But before we want to thank you guys for participating and making this competition a successful one!

thankyou so much for participating!


  • Neha Gupta
  • Arnab Dutta
  • Ayushi Singhai
  • Arni Halwe
  • Aditi Rajput
  • Aastha Jain
  • Kashish Bajaj
  • Palak Bachwani
  • Diksha Jain
  • Anjali Kosal

NoteThese Top Participants are not further ranked, The chronological order doesn’t signify any ranks!

All the participants did their best and we acknowledge that it was very hard to pick very best among you guys. Don’t be sad if you didn’t make it to the top 10, always remember you are the best!