Hey you! When will you decide to let go and truly live in the moment? be yourself !

It begins when you start accepting yourself. Just be yourself, let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that you are. Get up! Find a reason to smile every day. Allurement may be the beauty to glorify, hidden with a grim reality that our affinity is not taking us long. Pure essence will take us forward.

“Your biggest commitment must always to be yourself”.

Be Yourself

Try to know yourself, you want to be beautiful, you know no limit, maybe you don’t see the light that’s shining, maybe this wild world made you blind. That’s why you tried to cover up your pain and cut your woes away. There’s a hope that’s waiting for you in the dusk. You should know you’re beautiful, beautiful in your own world.

Forgive yourself for what you didn’t know, we can’t keep blaming our self to be cheating or for stupid decisions, we need to learn from our mistake to avoid repeating the same mistakes, be peaceful with yourself.

be yourself

Just love the way you are! Try to be the best version of yourself. Do what makes you happy, make your art, tell the truth, take selfies, step into yourself, and wear that dress. Look into the mirror,” beauty isn’t pain and there’s beauty in everything”.

See how perfect you are in your own way! Know your worth, so to all the crowd that’s hurting, let me be a mirror for you. Willing to pause for fresh new thought, one that serves you better. Get ready to let some light in. Close your eyes and leave dark thoughts behind while you enjoy this special space just for you and your breath.

“No better you than the you that you are,

No better you than the you that you are,

No better time for your shine, you’re a star

No better time for your shine, you’re a star”

from song Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara

Be Yourself Story

You may be a survivor, surely not a victim. Here I got inspired by Laxmi Agrawal, a survivor of acid attack. By anguishing a lot, she gave a real meaning of beauty, even a chance of living a normal life is also being snatched away from her.

But she made it possible by accepting herself. The face alone cannot give you the identity but your dreams and desires to achieve your goals will. She lost her allurement, but the way she stands out and showed how beautiful she is!

This all sets a superb example to be a mirror to others; she has always questioned the beauty standard set by society and has made the whole more precise. She truly brought the importance of inner beauty.

be yourself enlightenbrains

So, where I see the need for resolution, I also hear the call for my loving attention. It is through my unconditional loving presence that deep healing occurs. I find restoration and renewal in the expanse of my open heart.

“To be beautiful means to be yourself.

You don’t need to be accepted by others.

You need to accept yourself”.

On the day when you doubt, on the day whenever the moon seems to shine too bright. Turn yourself to be the light and let it reflects your beauty until you accept yourself as you are, if even just for a moment. Once you accept yourself, it’s become smooth to go out into this wild world, do whatever your wild soul holds you to do. When you do so, you will try to live not just survive.

My hope is that you’ll feel inspired to embrace what you love and feel more confident and excited about using what you leave. I think when you get encouraged being true to who you are, you’ll start to love where you live, too.

“So close to the moon yet so far,

 Rude to the world, kindness in her heart.

 Alone, is enough to abolish her scar”.

– Diksha Jain

This article is authored by Diksha Jain


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