Hola. the title of this post is a bit different than what I have wrote previously and on internet and anywhere. I never thought I would be writing this kind of post but that’s what I am doing right now

The Letter

I never intended to let this happen, but what I have left undone is something I don’t know

Yes, this was the last thing that left unsaid to her. I think its better somethings left unsaid and most things I said recently weren’t made to be said.

Yet, every Rejection is something I took so negatively but didn’t regret anything I did in past month as last month comes to me with many realizations that I will sharing in upcoming paragraphs.

The best one is here, I hope many of you relate to this.

Rejections, both personal & Professional, give pace and direction to our life.


lack of rejections make life rudderless

We’re constantly chasing things we want or need. You, Me and everyone does that no one is perfect too. In order to get what we want we often reject things and that choice of life, everyone will have to make choices some make them explicitly some implicitly…

One more realization that I confronting was something entirely different which I don’t promote this kind of behavior and its just for a few cases.

If he/she doesn’t give a damn about you! why are you caring about her when you have your life to care about

Okay enough of these, now back to the point, People will come and people will go but your goals will not leave you. Set some goals, work hard to achieve them and once achieved upgrade them.

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