For true relationships to be continued over a long span, your patience is very important than your ego. All of us have ego, no one wants to admit their mistakes, just because of their ego. We have developed a wrong feeling inside us, that if we say sorry, then it means we were wrong, we will become small, and our self-respect will decrease. This is not true, saying the word sorry means the person is important to you than your ego.
If any person is showing you your ego, they are ignoring you or talking to others, they are not talking to you, and they are rejecting your calls and even not replying to your messages. You just need one thing at that time PATIENCE. Just keep patience, say sorry if mistake is yours, try to convince them with good mood and show them how much important they are for you. Your patience in that time will increase your self-respect in that person’s eye for a life time and will help you to continue your relation.
Most of the relations break today because of the EGO. Why I should text first, why I should always call first, why always I should say sorry. These people then cry at the end after getting the answer of their why. Patience is very important in life, our decisions taken in hurry later make us cry. So keep patience, think before what you speak, because the result of patience is more fruitful.

Declaration: Relationship can be of many types not particular about girl and a boy as couple. <3 Peace




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