Here again, we through our platform EnlightenBrains wants to share our views with you- “Our health is in our own hand”. Taking care of small things may keep us fit and healthy, and away from several diseases.

1. Reduce the chances of cancer: – There is not any absolute way to prevent cancer; however we can reduce the chances of cancer by few precautions. Stop smoking, control on fat, eating fresh fruits and vegetables and doing regular exercise may reduce the chances of it.

2. Menopause and Health: – Many women before reaching the age of menopause become the victims of heart diseases. They should take the proper therapy to protect themselves against such diseases.

3. Blood Pressure should be in control: – Doctors usually say your blood pressure is very high or low, but if our blood pressure is in control we can avoid many diseases.

4. Don’t misunderstand your sadness as depression: – Sadness and Depression are not same, depression is very critical situation. We can make ourselves happy. There is a psychological immune system inside our body which keeps on updating to make us feel better towards the world. If we live naturally and behave naturally in all the situations, then we may live happily.

5. Have a good and favorable balanced diet: – Many of us face these problems just because of improper diet. Taking good food keeps us away from not only diseases but also from various medicines. Eating very fast is also harmful; food should be proper chewed, then swallowed. Hope you would have liked the article, and you would have known that our health is in our own hand; we can improve it or ignore it. Thank You for reading, take care of yourself.




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