We all might have heard this proverb in our childhoods that

don’t count the chicks before the eggs are hatched

Similarly, do not start your celebration until you win finally in the game.

do not start your celebration until you win finally - enlightenbrains
Many of us have the habit of celebrating the moments before our win, but it feels very bad if we then lose in the game, and all our celebrations go waste. This statement will be more understandable in this present example. Indian National Congress INC won more seats in the State election of Manipur and Goa than the Bhartiya Janta Party BJP, but now BJP has formed its government in both the states. This is simply because none of the parties won with a clear majority and both parties were in the need of support from other parties’ MLA’s. But Congress started his celebration instead of working to get more support, while some members of BJP were making continuous efforts to talk with other MLA’s and get their support. In this way, BJP formed its government despite getting a few fewer seats as compared to Congress.

The world is more beautiful by Child’s eyes

So here comes to the knowledge that we should not start our celebration until we win finally, instead, we should make some more efforts there to assure our complete win, and then we can do the celebration in our own way.
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