Here again, we through our platform EnlightenBrains wants to share our views with you all that we should not quit before the race finishes in the game of life with the help of two stories.

Story 1: –

Once upon a time, a family was going out of station to attend a family function, but a child did not want to go, because he wants to play in his football match on that day. So, the parents allowed their child to stay at their neighbour’s house. Their neighbour took the responsibility of taking care of their child. When the neighbour reached the ground to watch the match, the child’s team did not performed well before the half time and was behind by 0-2. The neighbour asked the child- “Are you happy with your teams’ performance?” The child replied-“45 minutes are still left, and we will perform our best.” Their team won by 4-3 in the last.

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Story 2: –

The neighbour came back home with the child and both were doing dinner. They were also watching the IPL match of Royal Challengers Banglore v/s Kings XI Punjab. The Challengers kept a very big score to chase for Punjab. The Punjab was not performing in the way they should perform, but their owner Preeti Zinta was seem to very tensed while her team was performing. Now again, the neighbour told the child to sleep, by saying “Punjab will lose”, but the child again replied “Let’s see the complete match till the last ball of last over.” At the end Punjab lost the match by only 1 run, while they were only needed 2 of the last ball. Although the neighbour’s words were found to be true, but still the man told at the end, “The match was very interesting till the last ball.” The child said-“The Punjab performed very well today than their last match, they lose only because of their owner Preeti Zinta, she seemed to very tense and she herself was not having the trust upon her team.”

The child was very small in age but still I hope he taught us a great lesson. We should not quit before the game finishes, we should not lose our hope till the end. Same is the case with our life, many of us quit before the things finishes and many of us quit before all the door closes.

We should not quit before the race finishes in the game of life, and also we should not quit before the God makes the last whistle of our life. Thank you for reading.




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