Have you ever come across the situation ? Where you are advised to set the expectations high and its seems tough as last time this hurts you a lot. No Problem Setting minimum targets helps in setting goals in future and also boosts our confidence level. Minimum target here means the place atleast upto where you want to stand anyhow, no matter what the conditions are or what difficulties may come.
In simple words, it is just like when teacher says become whatever you want to become in future, but first try to become a good human being.
We can also understand it in a way, when our Indian team is not able to decide how much they should score, so they set their minimum target that atleast or anyhow we must score more than300 runs. Also, when a student is not able to decide his goal for exams, he sets his minimum target that anyhow I should score more than 80 %.

So this was actually minimum target, which we should set when we are not able to set the main goal. This minimum target should be achieved by us to get satisfactory level and then in future it helps in setting further goals.

Its just a new perspective to see, in which you don’t say sky is that much high than me, whereas you look down I am that much below the sky Hope you got the point as its the simplest form. Set a lower limit you  cannot below than and try you level best to be above it. That’s the key perspective.

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