Many of us have the habit of praying to God, only when we have problems. If the problem is solved we forget him, and if not we blame him. Is it good? Just ask to yourself. If somebody did this with you, how would you feel. God is bigger than all Problems

The first thing which we have to do is to first change our mentality.

We should also remember God in our good times.

We should thank him when our problems are solved.

We should not fear from God, we should have trust upon him; whatever he is doing with us, he too knows it, and is doing for some reason. We should not say to God that please don’t give me problems, instead we should say god give me more problems, but with 1 condition that just be with me. Don’t say to God why me, say you have trust on me.

Don’t get upset if you have many problems, in films too the most difficult role is given to the hero. Don’t say to God, my problems are big, say to problems my God is much bigger than you.Don’t get upset in your life when you have bad time, your good time will also come. Trust in God, we all are his children. He knows what he do with us and that may be for some reason. Life is full of ups and down, even the line in—————- means you are dead.

If your today was not good, then feel happy in the hope that your tomorrow will be better than your today. Remember : God is bigger than all Problems.

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