Ever wondered how two unknown people create a never lasting bond with each other?

Hold on your imaginations. 😛 It’s not always about being husband-wife or lovers, It may be about two best friends or a group of friends. A bond that outlast time, distance and even all the cultural differences is created with one single Never Giving Up Attitude of its members.

Never Give Up Attitude: What it is?

While researching for this post, I dived deep into my life and especially my school-college life. The single motive was to find out what my best pals stay with me even in the time of personal riots which mindfucked me and got me to hit a few of my lowest points till now.

When I have drowned away by the thought of getting lagged behind people I taught because I didn’t got permissions to study out my home town. I wanted to go to a big city but didn’t get where i wanted to…

It was painful, nobody knew about how miserable it went. We keep our worst to us only. But there is one line that changed my perspective from a pal which was like ” Chill, Let’s bring what’s good in Indore to this place we can do that”

I was pumped. did a lot of things to create things I never had thought I will.

But one more side to the story is that pal doesn’t need me, he could have easily left me for other great mates he has got in college time but he stayed.

That’s what I am telling about, No matter what happens with you or between us I am not going to give up on you. Its called a Never Give Up Attitude that makes Bonds soo strong that lives for eternity.

Never Give Up Attitude: Story Time

Alright, We all love stories and even more if they could convey something we want to tell someone we love or someone who matters for us. This might be something you want to share with your partner in crime or someone really special.

Once a guy and girl, I know its a bit stereotypical but let’s assume what you would like to.

Once a guy not soo cool met a girl who wasn’t that cool either.

Friendship happens by fate there wasn’t any control over circumstances, and it was a great going till he got fallen for her still was saving his friendship but it happens na;

Sometimes in life it happens,

friendship is turned to love,

always take away my sorrows,

and you I trust.

It was a great time for them. Both of them supported each other but as again in life happens, every good thing has complications. Days they stopped talking, for someone third person yet they didn’t leave each other.

A simple question like ” Did he had food? ” and “Is she ok in PG Room alone?” would return them both to talking.

Both of them have Never Give Up Attitude for the bond they had. Life can go anywhere but this kind of bond stays…

Here is a comic strip from loved_comics_ Instagram to showcase perfectly what I meant here!

never give up attitude love

never give up attitude love

I hope you got something important a relationship becomes great when every member follows a simple philosophy of never giving up on each other. Keep shining and Keep Smiling 🙂 Join our Whatsapp group for exclusive content that too first priority.

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