Supreme Court of India ordered on 30th November that the national anthem should be sung or played in cinema halls across the country before the beginning of a feature film. The Supreme Court said that there must be national flag on the screen when the national anthem is played. This order was passed on a writ petition filed under article 32 of the constitution.

The petition was filed by Shyam Narayan chouksey who is a retired engineer from Bhopal Madhya Pradesh high court alleging producer-director Karan Johar of insulting national anthem in his movie kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. Chouksey said that a scene in the movie showed the national anthem in poor light.

The Supreme Court considered petitioners argument that it is the duty of every person to show respect when the national anthem is played or sung. However, the order has prompted a debate among the intelligentsia and law experts of the country. There is also a lot of confusion over the implications and contents of the order.

What the Court Said?

We have tried to explain the order by divide into 5 points which would be helpful to have clarity over the whole order.

  • Before the national anthem is played on sung in the cinema hall on the screen, the entry and exit doors shall remain closed, So that no one can cause any kind of disturbance which will consist of disrespect to the national anthem.
  • National anthem or any part of it shall not be printed on any objects and also never be presented in such a manner at such places which maybe contemptible to its status and tantamount to disrespect.
  • No commercial exploitation of the National Anthem will be allowed to give a financial advantage of any kind of benefits. To explain, the national anthem should not be utilized by which person encompassed with it either directly or indirectly shall have any commercial benefits or any other benefits.
  • No dramatization of the National Anthem shall be permitted and it should not be entailed as a part of any variety show. It is because when the national anthem is sung or played, it is essential for everyone present to show due respect and Honor.
  • The entire cinema halls in India are shall play the National Anthem before the feature film starts and all present in the hall are obliged to stand and to show respect to the national anthem.

By: Anubhuti Tandan




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