People don’t give respect to the persons who offer them free services, but give utmost importance to the persons who highly charges them for their services.

Today the team of EnlightenBrains wants to bring a bitter truth that we humans don’t respect for the things we get for free, and giving importance and doing show off of the things for which we pay. The best example for this is our own mother. At the end is the video must watch…

mother day quotes 2017 Mother

She does so many things for us, she even gives us the things by sacrificing for herself, but ask to yourself did we give them the respect which she deserves? We give tip in the restaurant, we even pay them for their high prices, but still we give them more importance than what we should give to our own mother for the tasty and healthy food which she gives us whenever we are hungry.

At present time, some of us even give more respect to our home maids than as to our own mother. We give them their salary, and even call them whenever they are on leave. But some of us do not respect for the work done by our mothers daily without taking any leave.

Jio has offered free mobile services to more than 10 crore users, but still most of us say bad words and make jokes on its Chairman. While most of us forget that what was our condition before the launching of Jio, when on average a person was paying approx. 300 Rs.

Some students at the time of their exams, get free coaching from their school teachers, friends, elders, or from their parents, but even then they give more importance to their coaching when they pass, because of the heavy fee paid by them.

Declaration: Our motto is not to hurt anyone’s feelings or emotions but we just want to say to give respect and importance to them also from which you take free services, because in this world where people are getting more and more selfish day by day, there are only few left who render free services.

Rockabye – Single Mothers story Made me cry 🙁




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