This is a small but true story of a Tuesday’s morning. A little child of age 3 years young was crying very much. He was crying very much, because he doesn’t want to go school on that day and want to go to the temple where his father used to go on every Tuesday’s morning. The child was still crying very much but his mother wants that he should go to school otherwise he would become habitual and would cry on every Tuesday’s morning. Finally the child was taken to school by his cousin as daily. While going to the school, he started crying very much loud and was saying one sentence repeatedly- “Father, save me, Father, save me” The cousin was not feeling good by seeing his brother crying all over the roads and in the school too. When they reached school, a man told him to take the child to his respective class; his teacher will make him quite. The 3 years kid understood the words of that man and in crying stage was saying- ‘His mam will beat him.’ His eyes were fully filled up with tears. These words melted the heart of his cousin and he took him back to home. He lied to his aunt that the teacher told him to take the kid back to home, they couldn’t handle him. The kid also stopped his crying then finally while they reached home.

Why the cousin did so?

The 18 years young boy who is the cousin of that small kid learnt a very good thing that day. The small kid can cry and ask for the help from his parents while he is in problem, but that young boy could not do so. The young boy was in more problems, he was having more tensions and worries of life, he wants to cry, he wants to ask help from his parents, he also want to say- “Father, save me” , he wishes like that kid too he could get kiss and hug from his mother but he could not do all such things.

In today’s busy and fast moving life, the distance between the parents and children is getting more and more widely day by day. The parents are not able to give time to their children due to work and children too are not able to spend their time with their family. Due to this parents are not able to teach their children some necessary and important things about life, the children also are getting into more and more problems and are feeling alone. Today the children are not much brave. They do false things while they are in problem, they even commit suicide during depression, the reason being so simple, and there may not be a very good connection between them and their parents. We should now try to overcome this problem together with the help of our parents. We both should give time to each other instead of wasting it on social networking sites. We may ask for help from our parents, we may ask for a hug and kiss from our mother, they will never say NO to us. How much grown up we will become, we will always be the children of our parents. In theirs’ eyes we will always be theirs’ small kid.

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