Hello guys, I am Sameeksha here, today I have something special for you guys, something like ‘Make your dreams bigger than your excuses’ looks familiar but I assure you its no, read on for more..

EXCUSE:-The most common and easy way to walk out of a situation or responsibility. If you are unable to justify the responsibility assigned to you, you choose to make excuses.

Sometimes these excuses are genuine also however they should only be considered as biggest hindrance in your way to success.

I have seen many people, resisting from taking responsibility and making many excuses to escape from it .

You need to notice the fact that it’s in our habit to make excuses. Right from our early childhood we are habitual of making excuses

Do you remember the most common excuse we used to make at school for not completing our work-?

“I have done my work, but forgot to bring my copy”

32 Ways to Avoid Negativity and Start Living: The Living Diary Guide Part 1

Making excuses in school anyhow worked, it even saved you from undertaking a responsibility or from doing work, but making excuses while achieving your dreams will never work.

These excuses distract you from your path of achieving your dreams; they eventually dull your inner shine and fire

You know what to achieve something, there should be fire burning inside your heart which always moves you towards your way to victory. Excuses extinguish that fire and fade away your inner shine.

By making excuses you deviate yourself from your goal and if you are repeatedly making such excuses then it’s time for you to rethink about your goal, which you have set for yourself, because people make more excuses, for those things which they doesn’t find interesting to do or interesting to achieve.

“If any of your excuse, or any of your problem or any of your incapability, distract you or prevent you from achieving your goal, then go through these personalities, whose perseverance and efficaciousness will motivate you, to make your dreams larger than your excuses

Here are some of the motivating peoples, which will surely ignite a fire inside you and make you shine..


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