Are you happy?

Are you a single?

or Are you in a couple literally a relationship?

or Are one of the “Its complicated” sort of?

This post is for you if the answer of any above question is yes then this post is only for you, so read on..

Hello, whats up people, hope you guys are doing great in your life and dealing with your problems with utmost generosity ( Kash aisa na hota ), Today I will give some more problems with their solutions, so you can copy and paste( generic words for Uthao aur Cheepo ) 😛 for your remaining problem especially about relationships.

Today’s biggest problem starts with feelingsI often come across people accusing others “He hurt my feelings“, “She hurt my feelings ” and more like “He ditched me” or “She make me thing to be laughed upon, majak bana diya yrr” Let me tell you one thing, your feelings start with yourself! How can someone hurt them without your consent?

This problem is with girls at most, not taking guys out of this but they are less in numbers. It is also explained in detailed via this song

Awari Ek Villan

This song extensively tells the story of loving girl/guy, who is now just a casual person for her/his lover. The reason is simple blocking a contact cannot erase the 4AM talks they had, Deleting the photos cannot erase the pain caused by the lack of those right swipes, She can paint her lips red with lipstick but the sorrow will leave them rough at the loner times, Her soft skin looks soft but is harden for his one touch , She can smile to outsiders but would anybody know about her truth?

Now you are well aware of the problem, currently having no perfect, full proof solution, will try to put everything here which is inside me. First thing, Broken person can do one thing Cry and cry until it gets sorted, and one important thing its never gonna be sorted out so Cry foreverSecond thing Will she cover this up and use someone else arm to do so? Ab to zyada ho gaya na, touching some hidden things right? If I didn’t who she is reading would not even think about this viewpoint.

We are living in time when we want to speedily accomplish everything weather in getting something, or getting someone, and in the rush we forget the Love. I am not saying everyone, but yes saying most of the people out there do similar and one of them or both have left regrets for life.

Now, what you can do as a single to avoid such things, first thing make sure are 18+ :-P, then make sure if you like somebody its because of good intentions and its literally damn hard to be right out there cause of distractions out there, social media and easy access to internet will make sure you are distracted by adult stuff or something like that.

If you love somebody then speak it out, quietly with calmly with you mind intact in your head, in a perfect moment(it can be different for everyone, meeting alone etc) and If you can’t do that on time, Boss you have regret, Personal Experience.

Hope you got my point, now go and enjoy, no enlightenbrains yet, no follow request just remember and enjoy..

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