1. It brought us more close to our family.
  2. It gave us free time to memorize the indoor games we played.
  3. It gave us time to ourselves from the outside world which is must be needed in the present world.
  4. It gave us time to give more time to our hobbies of reading books, writing poetries, drawing sketches, making funny videos. 
  5. It made us more aware of our health and family members too.
  6. It brought a good change in our mentality towards cleanliness.

Although we are facing a few problems, in the long term it will help us a lot. So it’s time to stay at home and be safe. 

Staying at home and protecting our nation from the virus is also a very responsible task from our side. 

Here is a short inspiring story of Sir Ratan Tata, once he was asked why isn’t he the richest person of Asia, he answered I’m an industrialist, not a businessman, my job is to create jobs and do welfare of people. He donated 1500 crore rupees for the needy people suffering from the virus, and even gave a commitment to donate his entire property if the nation is in need of it.

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So we should learn from such inspiration, if we are not able to donate, then it’s ok but it’s our responsibility to stay at home and protect ourselves, protect our family, protect others and protect our nation from suffering. 

If you find something inspiring around you, you can Whatsapp us the news or story. We would be glad to publish that on your behalf!

Have a look on sharable images we created to show how this lockdown is working silently on positive side too…

10 things staying at home

10 things staying at home

Feel free to share them on you any social media and make this move India’s successful attempt of containing this virus.

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