Hello everyone, the title seems a bit awkward ? Yes it might look, but its really a good advice. So, lets see few examples first..

Story : Why don’t help them everytime let them struggle a bit.

It sounds like yes we should do that, let our kids do a little hardwork, have some patience and learn to handle some disappointment too.

Today’s generation has more that the previous generations could possibly had. More resources, more technology, more knowledge inshort more chances to be successful. Yet, the rate crimes, suicides, unemployment, crisis are too high than those time. Why is the obvious question ?


Kids just have to ask or just obstinacy thats all all of their wishes get fullfiled by the parents. But when they enter into real world this obstinancy is on no use and they have very few options left as they cannot digest the fact they failed to get what they want.


I am totally in favour your child deserve the best of everything, every child deserves that but to make him ingnorant about this flithy world full of nuisance is not at all fair. It will leave him shattered infront of realities of life, let him explore experience, save him no doubt but let him know what’s wrong and right ?

Hope you got my point, well I am Roshan Motwani, I mostly write about my experience with someones other’s tone…

Yout little appreciation will motivate me to write more and contribute to this beautiful platform.

Thanks for reading…

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