Story before the Lesson

God Help those who help themselves

When i was a kid, i used to get everything which i asked for. I used to think that there is no shortage of money in any one’s house. But as we grow, then we used to realise that one cannot get the things which one want so easily. We have to try for that we have to make efforts for that.

At this stage we realise that, it were our parents who fulfilled our every need, by working hard for us. At this stage we realised their line that one will get what they want at its correct time.

Once, i wished to get camera. I requested to my father daily for it. He used to say, i will get you that later every time. Once then i angrily argued that i need the camera right now, and i need it today. He simply asked, is that thing going to help you in your studies. I couldn’t answer him that time.

DSLR camera

I slept and the next day i decided to start saving and purchase it. After one year,  i was having good amount of money, but not enough to get a new camera. I again went to my father, gave him my entire savings and then requested dad, please get me a new camera. He smiled and felt very happy.

He happily bought me a new camera. “I was amazed by the power my small efforts had!!!”

He said i just want to teach you a lesson that you will not always get things easily, if you have a dream, make efforts work hard for it, and get things you want.

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  3. Somewhere between the gap of I ….&…….. You, we both should try to fill that space with LOVE.

The Lesson

That day i learned a lesson, that might be earlier my father refused but later he bought it for me. He told me as you grow , things become tougher, and you have to be toughest to get the things. Because we don’t value the things we get easily, but we value and take care of the things which we get by working hard.

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