Have you passed your graduation, or a PhD holder? 

If you have ever thought studying and learning has its end, you have done with learning? Rethink, We have got reasons why you should never stop learning…because:


Life teaches you daily, you just need to learn from it. Indian Cricket has a incidence which I will be sharing next as story.

I wanna a share a story with you all, and those are cricket lovers must definitely read it fully. Vinod Kambli and Sachin Tendulkar, both of them had a same coach; both of them relatively had same financial problems, and same type of family background. Both of them together made a partnership record of 660 runs, which was unbeaten for many years. But out of 660 runs, Kambli scored 400 runs. Yes, Kambli was once a better player than Sachin, but all of us sing song only for Sachin.

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You want to know the reason, which is LEARNING. Kambli had an attitude of never accepting the change and learning, while Sachin have a habit of learning something new daily. Sachin is well known for its shorts and the way he plays. Kambli who have so much talent retired at an early stage of 22, while Sachin is still a mentor of many.

At the age of 17, Sachin was once hitten by the very fast bouncer of Waqar Younis, he fell down, blood came out of his nose. He was advice to get retired hurt, but he refused to do so, and said I WILL PLAY. He was again thrown the bouncer in the next ball, and he made the Pakistan fielders to go near the boundary to get ball back.

So the thing is, Never Stop Learning.