“Today is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.”

If you ever noticed the meaning of the word ‘resolution’ in dictionary; it means ‘a resolving to do something.’ Then why to wait for that one day in a year to make a resolution?

If you notice the people making resolution, you will definitely find two groups among them: those who make resolution on the other time of the year and those who make on the New Year. If you only do it at New Year’s, surely you have a bad track record of keeping your resolution long. Doing something only once a year keeps you away from the practice that you have little chance of success. Another name of resolutions is ‘GOALS’.

Resolving to do something creates a mental picture of being really determined to make it happen. How determined are you to reach your goal? How motivated you are to get it done can make a big difference in the outcome.

A new year is here! Forget the regrets and take a fresh step forward into all you can be. Just start with simple steps which make greater impacts. Why to make one resolution when you can make twelve or more than that. Get specific and break the things month by month. Set one singular goal per month and follow through for 30(or 31) days full straight. Some practices might fall away but some will inevitably carry on into the next month.

Consider few things as your New Year resolution this year. Decide to do something life changing. Make a real difference. Make goals and goal setting a habit this year. Do it every day not just once a month or a year. Get out of bed in the morning with a “we are going to get a lot today” attitude. Make a list and begin to accomplish the most important one on the list first. Soon you will be in shape for resolutions. Next year you will look back and see just how well the year has gone. Now isn’t that better that giving up in the annual new year’s resolution?

By: Jyoti Ahirwar




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