“A woman will slap the system”

Raveena Tandon is doing a powerful comeback Through This Movie Which is inspired by the nirbhaya rape-case held in New Delhi(which also shocked the whole nation at that time).

This trailer is really commendable as the lines “While you were watching this trailor, A girl Was Raped Somewhere In The Country. Time TO Think Time To Act” will send chills down on every indian spine. Set in New Delhi, the Movie Revolves around a mother Raveena Tandon whose daughter is brutually Gang-Raped by a bunch of mens. And, the law enforcement authority seems unable to punish the culprits.Then, it become a revenge drama between the corrupt and the powerful officials with the mother’s battle against the system.

The crime drama boldly captures the sensitive subject and will leave you stunned. The two minute forty two seconds trailer is full of numbers and rape-statistics in India. It shows the harsh reality of the journey of a rape survivor.

However, having said that, the trailer is gritty and dark and we are curious to see what Raveena brings to the table this time around.
Written by Michael Pellico and directed by Ashtar Sayed, ‘Maatr’ is slated to release on April 21.

Watch The Trailor Here:




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