Do you like Khichdi?

Yes or No, you choice is your but from 4th Nov 2017 at World Food Event India(New Delhi), India will have khichdi will be the national Dish of India as announcement was made by Union Minister of Food Processing Harsimrat Kaur Badal. According to her, Khichdi is the symbol of India’s great culture and also reflects the country’s “Unity in Diversity” in the best possible way.

  Response of Khichdi from public.

Twitter seems to have a mix gesture over the news as some sweetness of patriotism and some sour words of protest for better alternative to khichdi from vast food culture of our country. Some of the top responses from people are here, have a look:

Omar Abdullah reacts!

What about Butter Chicken?

People a bigger menu this time!!


Corruption Constipation!

Well said man!

Well there is nothing protest can bring, but some discussion can bring everything..

Not in this case, hope you New National Dish of our country and Its taste too 😛