Hello everyone, this is for the first time that we are sharing our views with you, not simply on any topic but a part of our country – INDIAN ARMY.

Good noon guys, this is Aditya Prakash here, and today I want to bring in front of you all the real condition of our Army.

Our Indian Army is the world’s 4th best army. Because of or army only we are freely living in our homes, because of their protection only we can freely breathe in our country. They live away from their families for the years, and then also without caring for their families, their only and prime objective is the nation’s safety. They do all their work with full loyalty and discipline. They do very hard work on the borders irrespective of the weather conditions present therein.

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In Kashmir, the Indian army not only do their job of protection but also provide jobs, education and training to the local residents, so that the state could also compete with the others state too. But we all know what gifts they get in return for that, STONES thrown upon them, not only by men, but by women and children of small ages also. The army provides them food, water, safety but still some of them throw stones and rocks upon them. When any army officer then dies, ministers give rewards to their family members, but whether such reward will return a mother’s lost son, a wife’s lost husband, or the father of any small kid. Our army chief also said in his comment –

वे जब पत्थर फेकते हैं; क्या तब मैं सैनिको से कहूँ – चुपचाप सहो, शव तिरंगे में घर भिजवा दूंगा |

My friend Ganesh also once said that we all Indians show our patriotism only, when we watch India- Pakistan Cricket Match. We all become so much patriotic during that time, that we all cheers, pray and support our team. But did we have same feeling for our army? We all cheers for our Cricket team while their match, but we do not have any knowledge of number of persons of Indian army died in protecting us, while we were freely watching T.V. Most of us know the date when will be the next cricket match of our team with Pakistan, but hardly only few of us know the dates of war of India-Pakistan.

We should be proud of our Indian army, we should respect our army, we should support them, we should stand with them and raise our voice against those who throw stones upon them.

Jai Hind.




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