You may be wondering what I going to tell in this article, I mean you guys already be a good speaker and know the importance of words in life. But read on may you be surprised how words make a difference in your life. Let’s start with a simple story…

This is the story of very intelligent man, who has achieved a lot in his life but had regret for life about an experience which we are going to discuss today. “The person is an intelligent student, secured very good marks in every examination. He wished to join a company and get a job there, He too passed all exams conducted by the company for selection, but failed in interview. ” Can you guys guess why he had failed?

Due to Homophone! Yes you read it right, a Homophone word, just one and he is out! Let’s discuss about homophones first, the words having same pronunciation, but different meanings. Now what happens in interview, Let us see an interviewer asked that person-“Why do you want job in our company?”

He replied, “Sir, I want to make my carrier with your company” (He should have said Career). The interviewer then asked- “Do you know the difference between these words- Career, Carrier, and Courier” He replied- “Sir, all these words have same meaning, you are only pronouncing the same differently.” This only made the interviewer to fail him in the interview.

So, by this we come to know that, speaking a single wrong word even once may prove harmful. Every single word which we speak has its own importance and a deep meaning, although, the pronunciation of the words however may be same, but they have different meanings. Use of a wrong word in our sentence, or use of incorrect word in the place of correct word may prove to be harmful to us.

Some of the common homophones are: – ant-aunt, be-bee, cat-caught, ad-add, already-all ready, saw-sow and many more are there. Use of these words in a wrong place may lead to faulty and funny conclusion. How funny it will sound if we say Happy New Ear(Year), Similarly most of the peoples don’t know the difference between these three commonly used words- accept, except and expect.

So, now you must have understood the meaning of homophone and importance of the words we speak and use.

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